Champions of Change - Fighting against the misuse of P.A.G.A. Law in California
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TOM MANZO Tom Manzo is President of Timely Industries located in Pacoima California, having joined the Timely team in 2003.

Tom was promoted within Timely in 2008, in the middle of the market crash and drastic economy slowdown. Unfortunately as a result of the poor economy Tom was involved with many layoffs. After the dust settled Tom made a commitment to protect his remaining employees and never allow Timely to experience that type of turmoil again.

Together, we have seen the good times, the difficult times, and the bad times. And like a family, we have always stuck together.

December 27, 2016 Tom received a phone call stating that Timely was being sued by a disgruntled employee for wage and hour violations; potentially a very costly matter. The caller stated, be prepared to spend at least a minimum of $200,000 in attorney fees and another million plus dollars on settling this P.A.G.A. lawsuit.

Statement from Tom:  I understood this P.A.G.A. lawsuit expense would not be manageable; something had to give. I realized the employees I had promised to protect were going to be affected again, and the severity of this matter appeared to be the biggest challenge I have faced thus far at Timely.

I decided to fight; fight for what is right; fight for all 193 employees at Timely and fight for the owner of Timely, Mr. Bob Day who has entrusted me with this company his father began and Bob has continued. Because of my willingness to accommodate our employee’s specific needs by allowing for flexible hours we may have to bare the costly burden of a penalty of millions of dollars?

Not knowing what P.A.G.A. was, I spent many hours researching, sending hundreds of letters, calling many people, resulting in very little interest. I would like to thank my wife Anna who also works for Timely for all of the help and support she has given me. I want to thank Shannon Grove for being the biggest supporter, fighting to change this absurd law and for spreading the word.

Please know I have made another commitment to myself, and that commitment is to fight until this law is abolished. Created in the beginning to aid employees in 2004 it has turned into a money making machine for unscrupulous attorneys. We have ambulance chasers that are chasing companies and cashing in on the Golden Ticket daily. It is shameful how our State and Government allows such atrocities. Attorneys from Beverly Hills are walking away with hundreds of thousands of dollars. The employees they are allegedly protecting are losing their jobs after such an assault due to layoffs or company closures. I am not willing to settle for bills to make this law better or wait for propositions that might change it; I will not stop until the law is eliminated.
Tom Manzo Timely Prefinished Steel Door Frames  fighting a P.A.G.A. lawsuit
TOM MANZO - President of Timely - Prefinished Steel Door Frames

I reached out to Shannon after watching her video on You Tube and was not sure if she would even return the call. She did and had all kinds of questions for me about our P.A.G.A. Lawsuit. She offered to come visit our facility and meet with myself, other staff, some neighboring business, and educate us on P.A.G.A. Once she was finished speaking with us, Shannon walked throughout our factory, offices and met many of our employees. You could see the glimmer of hope in everyone’s eyes that this is someone who could help us. Shannon Grove will forever be a member of our Timely family.

Shannon Grove was born and raised in Kern County, California. She graduated Arvin High School in Arvin, California before spending three years in the U.S. Army, serving with Headquarters Company, 5th Corps, in Frankfurt, Germany, where she performed administrative tasks.

In 1993, Grove established her own temporary staffing company, Continental Labor & Staffing Resources with her sister-in-law. Grove was elected in 2010 and was reelected twice to the California State Assembly, and was sworn into her third term in 2014. Due to term limits, Grove was not eligible to run for a fourth term in 2016. Shannon is running for Senator in 2018.

Grove sponsored legislation to amend California's Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) of 2004 that would limit the scope of PAGA suits, cap the financial penalty to violations, and provide a time period for a business owner or corporation a right to cure a violation. Grove argued that PAGA suits had grown out of control, saying: "These PAGA laws benefit a lot of Los Angeles lawyers who come in from other districts to legally rape and pillage business owners in my district."
Shannon Grove Former Representative of the 34th District in the California State Assembly fighting P.A.G.A.
Former Representative of the 34th District in the California State Assembly

VINCE FONG Born and raised in Bakersfield, Vince attended public schools, graduated from West High School and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from UCLA and master’s from Princeton University. Vince Fong was elected to represent the 34th Assembly District, which encompasses most of Kern County. Each day, Vince works with local leaders and organizations to put California’s job climate back on track. He has seen first-hand the burdens of bureaucracy and red tape. His efforts to lower taxes, reduce burdensome regulations and limit government overreach, remind elected leaders that free-markets and competition are the keys to a successful economy and good-paying jobs.


AB 1429 – PAGA Reform I: Limited Scope and Penalty Cap Limits the types of Labor Code violations eligible for litigation under the Private Attorneys General Act, and adds a cap on the maximum amount of penalties that can be awarded per aggrieved employee.
Status: Assembly Labor Committee, 2-year bill

AB 1430 – PAGA Reform II: LWDA Investigations Requires the Labor and Workforce Development Agency to investigate alleged Labor Code violations to determine if there is a reasonable basis to bring a PAGA lawsuit. A PAGA lawsuit may only be filed if there is reasonable basis or if LWDA does not investigate within the allotted timeframe.
Status: Assembly Labor Committee, 2-year bill
VINCE FONG 34th Assembly District Kern County, CA
34th Assembly District
Kern County, CA

we want to put a stop to the ever growing amount of frivolous lawsuits that chase companies out of THE
STATE OF california

Timely – Pacoima, CA fighting against P.A.G.A. Lawsuits in California
Timely – Pacoima, CA

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