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Stand up with CABIA to tell the Legislators, the Attorneys, the Lobbyists, the Lawmakers, and everyone involved in creating this "Legal To Extort Millions" California business environment that enough is enough.

We’re suing California to fix state’s broken labor laws.


Please mail your check to: TOM MANZO
California Business & Industrial Alliance (CABIA)
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Sunland, CA 91040

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The California Business and Industrial Alliance (CABIA) is a new trade organization founded by business executives and entrepreneurs who are tired of complaining about the state’s hostile job creation climate—and ready to do something about it.

We will focus on action and change while working with other trade organizations, legislators, employers, employees so everyone knows the real story. The State has allowed harmful and onerous labor policies including specious PAGA lawsuits and crushing workers compensation rates—to fester. The members of CABIA have personal experience with the consequences of these laws. CABIA is seeking members for its “interest coalition” of businesses who are inclined toward action—to educate the public on California’s harmful laws, and to try and change those laws

Why Cabia? – Sacramento has no shortage of trade associations and we are different as our primary focus will be Education and Advocating real reform to Labor Laws, especially PAGA, and Workers Compensation. Some of our industry representatives have become more political than the politicians themselves all while the state’s laws have only gotten worse. Some years ago, the global insurance industry created its own separate association focused exclusively on communicating the value of their product—we want to position ourselves as the chroniclers and communicators of California’s business climate crisis.

Our Goal – The Labor Law Digest for the State of California is over 1,000 pages long, and it contains laws that many HR professionals are not even aware of. Working against us are lawmakers and advocacy groups who benefit from the status quo; the PAGA law in particular has become a weapon for attorneys to extort money from businesses, with over 6,000 of those types of frivolous suits filed this year. If changing these laws were easy, it would have been done already. It’s not happening because legislators feel no pressure to act. Our job is to change that by changing public opinion.

Our Approach – Public opinion is upstream from legislator opinion. Before we can change the state’s business climate, we first have to tell our story to the public. A typical voter isn’t inclined to have sympathy for a business executive; to them, PAGA is just an acronym that sounds more like an island name than an item in the legal code. Starting with two issues of primary importance to our members—PAGA lawsuits, and workers compensation rates—our intention is to use anecdotal stories and empirical data to educate the public on the problem and the solution.

Our Tactics – We want to measure our success in minds changed, not in meetings scheduled at the Capitol. While we don’t want to downplay the importance of lobbying legislators, we believe it’s secondary to lobbying the public. We’ve already begun gathering data, embarking on an unprecedented (and costly) public records request to gather all current PAGA lawsuit data from the state. This is a key part of our messaging foundation: If a Senator or Assembly member is unaware of PAGA or feels other issues are more pressing, we can then show them the exact number of businesses in their district who are hampered by PAGA lawsuits. We also plan to utilize our most valuable resource: The real stories of business owners and employees who’ve been harmed by the state’s ill-conceived laws. We have a robust outreach plan to communicate with the public through print, digital, television, radio and other forms of media.

OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS – CABIA’s board includes California-based business executives and entrepreneurs from a diverse range of manufacturing industries. We deal with the realities and challenges every day. Additionally we have one board member with extensive experience in communicating with the public on the challenges that businesses face. We’ve also engaged a world-class legal counsel who will help educate to avoid the pitfalls of labor laws while we are trying to change them. We have a solid foundation.



You will hear from us every week, and there will be no mystery as to our agenda.

As members you have every right to know what we are doing and where your money is going.